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Following the recognition of technical education as the main backbone of most economic activities in Kenya, the government of Kenya decided to expand technical education by construction of at least one technical training institute in every constituency in Kenya. Mabera Technical and Vocational College is one of several technical and Vocational colleges that were constructed in the second phase of the construction of such Colleges throughout the country.

The college was officially opened in September 2019 when it admitted its first batch of students. The College will is offering a number of courses in various departments namely Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Building and Civil Engineering, Business, Information and Communication Technology and Hospitality (food and beverage and hairdressing and beauty therapy).

At the moment, the college has in place most of the physical infrastructure necessary for learning purpose, including classrooms, chairs, desks, workshops and laboratories for courses that require them. The staff that have been posted here have been involved in skills development in their areas of skills for many years.

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