Our History

Mabera Technical and Vocational College (MTVC) was established and operated under TVET act 2013 as a Technical and Vocational College   in Kenya. MTVC has a vision of becoming the leading provider of high quality Technical education, research and consultancy within region.  Among others, the mission of MTVC is to provide the development and usage of appropriate technology that meets national, regional and international needs and standards through skills and practical-oriented training and research. Besides, MTVC is positioned to respond to a call by the President BIG FOUR AGENDA and gear itself to Vision 2030 which aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrializing, middle-income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens by 2030

MTVC understands that such a mission could only be realized if local technical training institutions will significantly increase students’ enrollment and improve teaching methodology. We are therefore planning to increase our enrollment from 300 students to 1500 students by 2021 through extending our services to various parts of the country. Besides, MTVC envisions putting in place support services for business start-ups for its students after completion of training, and similar measures for easing labour-entry and job-retention. Such initiatives are the testimony of MTVC willingness and readiness to participate in making the intended efforts towards industrialization in our country a successful reality. As a public institution whose activities are funded by public funds, MTVC is indispensable partner in the industrialization agenda.

Currently, MTVC offers academic programmes in the fields of Hospitality, Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, Building and Civil engineering, Automotive Engineering, electrical engineering, information technology and Business Studies. As part of the expansion programme, MTVC envisions to establish new and marketable training programmes such as leather processing and allied technologies. One reason for this is because the field has strong linkages with agricultural sector. It is a labour intensive, thus absorbing labour from the agricultural sector, and has major potential and low entry barriers.

Technical training at MTVC is competency based, characterized by ability to carry out an occupational activity, but still it needs to be consolidated. In order to achieve this, we are fostering a teaching factory approach whereby technical training is interactively linked to a real life factory business. MTVC is therefore committed as an agent of industrialization, a progressive and customer-centered higher learning institution.