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The accounts department is headed by the Finance Officer CPA Domnic Liech

The department controls all the accounting process in the institute including:
1. Reconciles all revenues collected on a daily basis. Checks balances against accounting receipt records.
2. Posts accounting data by hand or by computer data entry in the cash journal on a daily basis. Maintains trial balance.
3. Prepares bank account deposit documents and confirms deposit totals. May make bank account deposits.
4. Coordinates witness and jury fee process.
5. Coordinates the accounting of bail money, including recording money received, returned or forfeited.
6. Maintains bank accounts related to civil and criminal matters.
7. Completes end of the month closing process and disburses revenues and other funds to the appropriate entities.
8. Reconciles revenue reports on a monthly basis.
9. Prepares financial reports such as revenue summaries, revenue transmittal sheets, trial balance reports, and bank account reconciliation forms.

All fees are payable prior to the first day of registration each term or semester.

Payments should be made by Banker's cheque, money order or bank draft. The Institute will NOT accept CASH. Cash should be deposited at institute account at any branch and the deposit slip presented to the cashier:

Bank: Kenya Commercial Bank
AC/No: 125 953 5096
Branch: Isebania

The Institute will not handle student’s personal money. Consequently, any extra money included in fees will be presumed to be prepayments for subsequent semesters. All money meant for private use by the students should be paid directly to the student.